Why is your brand identity so important?

Why is your brand identity

We’ve all seen brands that are instantly recognizable. The Nike, Apple, Coke, and McDonald’s of the world… These companies spend millions of dollars each year developing their brand so that they are, as we said, instantly recognizable. Branding is what gives you a reputation, but you might not realize what else branding encompasses. Your voice, your logo, your company colors, your online presence, your mission statement; these are all a part of why brand identity is SO IMPORTANT for your business. In this blog, we define the importance of brand identity through consistency, reputation, and copy so that you can make the right choice when it comes to branding your business!

Keep it Consistent.

The first few months of building your business is so fun, right? You’re trying to build a logo that represents you as a company and picking out colors that you want to associate with your brand. And once you finally figure out your logo and company colors it’s time for BUSINESS CARDS, brochures, and stationary. Yay! You can finally let people know you’re official!

However, the trick to all of the fun stuff is keeping it consistent across all platforms; online, in-store, billboards, commercials, and brochures have a huge part to play in your company’s brand identity. So what happens after you’ve made a decision on your logo, brand colors, and company message? Time to start implementing your brand! When someone sees or hears your company name you want them to remember your brand. This can be as simple as making sure your logo is consistent on your website AND your Facebook Page. #Consistency

But, why? Why spend so much time making your brand consistent? The answer is simple. Creating trust helps your audience resonate with your brand identity! Once they have seen promotions, billboards or brochures with your recognizable brand identity they will be more likely to buy your product or contact your business for services that you offer. They feel like they know you. Remember, mama always told us never talk to strangers. Your customers feel the same way.

Do You Even Copy?


First, let me ask you a question… if I wanted you to buy a pair of shoes, which advertisement would sound more appealing?

  • “Foot World: Now offering 25% off any shoe with a blue tag for the school season. Visit us today to redeem discount.”
  • “School is officially in session! Are you looking to save some money on your kid’s school gear? Stop in to Foot World this weekend and get 25% off any shoe with a blue tag! We can’t wait to make sure your kids look #FRESH with their friends at school this year!”

If you picked the first advertisement, we are glad you are reading this blog. But if you picked the second advertisement, ding-ding-ding we have a winner! Creating a voice for your company through copy is extremely important for your brand identity. In this example, we showed the difference between asking someone to purchase your product with and without a defined company voice. Also in the example, the more compelling copy asked the audience a question that created relativity. This is a clear way to gain trust from your audience by asking a question and providing an answer. In marketing, a company voice can be a significant differentiator. Making your company voice unique includes your company mission statement and slogans or taglines that create a clear understanding of your brand identity.

Your Mission Statement.

A mission statement defines what your business is, why it exists, and it’s reason for being. This paints a clear picture for your customers with a written statement of your business goals and philosophies. For example, a salon trying to brand their business in a town that already has 5 salons shouldn’t just say “The best salon in town.” Instead, they should focus on what makes them stand out and create a mission statement that reflects their uniqueness.

Your Slogan or Tagline.

Another part of your brand identity is your slogan or tagline, and these can be a super fun way to get your team involved in the branding of your business. JUST DO IT! I bet you just thought of Nike, and that is exactly how you want your slogan or tagline to come across. You want your brand to stand out which means you want your slogan to be catchy, memorable and meaningful. That way, the next time that people hear your slogan, they immediately think of your brand. THAT is called proper branding my friend.

Nobody Likes a Bad Reputation.



Contrary to what Joan Jett might say, you need to give a damn about your reputation. 

Just as the title states, you don’t want your brand to get a bad reputation. Maintaining a great reputation for your company is can be extremely easy when you create a brand identity. Your reputation is what highlights your online presence. Posting on Facebook consistently, replying to reviews, sharing success stories and testimonials are all a part of keeping a great brand identity. It’s also a way for people to learn more about your business than what meets the eye.

Are you ready? Because I am going to say it again, TRUST!

Brand identity is all about taking action to show your customers that they can trust your brand, and that trust is what makes them want to buy your product or use your services.

Nowadays, your online presence is crucial to your business’s success and your brand identity.

Social media promotes “shareability” which allows your customers to easily spread the word about your business to anyone that they are friends with online. Social media is also great for allowing people to follow your business page so that they can stay up to date on your latest products, promotions, and company updates.

Just the same, social media is a perfect place to allow people to get to know your brand through your logo, company colors, and brand voice as you can customize your business page to reflect your brand identity.

Replying to reviews is an essential part of maintaining your great brand reputation. Honestly, it doesn’t matter if the review is good or bad. Your company needs to handle the situation with grace so current and potential customers are able to see that you are thankful for their feedback or are willing to right a wrong.

Now that you have a clear understanding of why your brand identity is important, I just have one question…. what changes should you make to your business branding?

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David Asarnow
4 years ago

Couldn’t agree with you more. A strong and recognizable brand can help a business be more successful in many ways. So make sure you do it right.

David Asarnow

4 years ago

Awesome post! Keep up the great work! 🙂