Website Design & Development

A website is your digital storefront and you definitely want it to appeal to your customer base! DMI offers fully responsive template and custom websites that are built to optimize your business’ online presence. We blend beautiful and eye-catching design with technical optimization and a mobile-responsive platform so customers have a fluid experience on your website. The sites we create are structured to keep your customers browsing through the pages longer, increasing your chance of conversion.

Many website design and development companies will design your website and leave it at that. DMI offers initial basic optimization to give your site an extra edge in search results over non-optimized websites.

DMI offers four different kinds of website designs:

  • Basic Websites. We offer affordable and personalized small business website design using eye-catching basic layouts that are perfect for small to medium size businesses. The benefit of DMI’s template websites is a fast turnaround, typically ready to launch within ten days, basic development with the initial design, and we do everything for you.
  • Custom Websites. DMI creates custom websites for businesses with a lot of products or services to offer. Custom websites are built from scratch and are completely customized for your business branding.
Web development
  • Mobile Websites. If you only want your website to be seen on mobile devices, DMI offers website design for mobile platforms. These websites are built with only mobile optimization in mind and can be a great option for companies that already have a non-responsive website but need a mobile option due to Google’s algorithm change in April 2015
  • Geo Sites. If your business is part of a franchise and you want your location to stand out, DMI offers geo sites that are focused on promoting the location of your business for local search results. These are also great options for businesses that need to rank in organic local searches for an area outside of their actual location. For example, a pest control company that services a 75 mile radius.

You can explore our website samples on our website showcase page! Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about our website design options and pricing.