Using Small Business Saturday Deals to Draw in Future Business

Everyone loses their minds over Black Friday shopping, but a far more important holiday happens locally the day after. Small Business Saturday is an opportunity for people to invest in their community by shopping local to support small businesses in their area. There are often community events to raise awareness about the holiday. With careful planning about your Small Business Saturday deals, you can use the day as an opportunity to draw in future business.

small business saturday deals

Why Small Business Saturday

Since “big box stores” have more money for marketing, many people will think of places like Wal-Mart or Home Goods first for the items they need. However, Small Business Saturday helps educate local citizens about the great businesses that are right around the corner and locally owned. If your community is doing event or advertising about Small Business Saturday, it is a good idea to take advantage of the opportunity to spread the word about your business.

What Kind of Small Business Saturday Deals to Offer

Because of your size, it can be difficult to decide what Small Business Saturday deals to offer and promote. You cannot go as low as Black Friday deals due to your profit margin, but it is a good idea to try to get as close to that wow factor offer as possible. The reason – your Small Business Saturday deals are going to draw more people in your door giving you the opportunity to secure future business. If someone who did not know about your store before Small Business Saturday falls in love with your shop and products, they will come back in the future.

With this in mind, you need outstanding offers that will get people in the door. While you shouldn’t do anything as crazy as Best Buy where you are offering 40-70% off televisions, you can still create that wow factor for your most popular items. It is better to offer a dollar amount off as opposed to percent off so people know the exact deal they are getting. Consumers are more apt to purchase a dollar off amount sale than a percent off sale.

Ideas for to Draw Customers In

Outside of your stellar Small Business Saturday deals, here are some other ideas to help draw customers in your door.

  • Promote on social media. Share your deal that you are going to offer on social media ASAP! It is best to make an inviting graphic in-line with your branding that explains your Small Business Saturday deals to post on social media. To get extra mileage out of your post, consider investing a few dollars in a boosted post.
  • Make an in-store party. Small Business Saturday is an event! Make your store a party celebrating the holidays with food, drink, freebies, and a fun atmosphere. Advertise that you are throwing a shopping bash to get more people in the door.
  • Reach out to local media. Your local newspaper or magazine is all about the community. Reach out about your Small Business Saturday deals or event and see if they are interested in spreading the word.