Digital Marketing Case Studies

Integrated Digital and Print Strategy Earns Local Garage Door Company First Page Rank and $11K in 9 Days

A local garage door sales and service company needed to outsource their marketing department to handle all of the print and digital marketing endeavors. After using a few different people in the past, their marketing efforts became scattered. The company needed someone to take over and figure out where their marketing dollars worked and where they did not.

When DMI became their outsourced marketing department, we found their print advertising dollars were not being used in the most effective way possible for their target demographics and goals. Likewise, their online presence was riddled with black hat SEO tactics with duplicate listings across the internet.

After a complete analysis, strategy reboot, and management tactics, we were able to transform both their online and print presence. Using call tracking, we were able to monitor the performance of the garage door company’s advertisements in various print publications. This allowed us to eliminate print marketing investments with a negative ROI.

We also used call tracking and general analytics measurement with our digital marketing efforts for the garage door company, using results to guide our media planning. With our Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services, the garage door company increased their rank under 610 keywords. Previously, they were ranking under their brand name and very few keywords, some of which were not relevant to their business offerings. By using our SEO services, they are ranking way higher than their local competitors in search results and their overall average rank for hundreds of keywords is the first page, something unheard of for most small businesses in competitive markets.

The garage door company also offers window sales and installation, a service they want to expand into more but which they do not have a lot of demand for. Using Search Engine Marketing (SEM), we not only increased their calls for garage door repair and installation, but we also raised awareness about their window services, generating new calls for window installation and repair.

Overall, within nine days DMI helped the garage door company earn $11,000 in sales with our digital marketing efforts. Thanks to our integrated strategy and complete analytics measurement, we provide excellent results that have paid for our services many times over.

Realtor Uses Text Marketing to Sell House Within Hours of Posting Text Club Signs


A realtor wanted an innovative strategy to sell properties faster. She bought a text club from DMI which included integration directly onto her “for sale” signs.

This strategy included creating a keyword and QR code to join the text club. We placed this information on an attachment to the for sale sign, making it easy for people driving by to get more information about the property for sale. Whenever changes occurred in the listing, such as a price drop or contract pending, we sent a notification out to the members of the text club for that particular property.

Within hours of the realtor putting the text club signs up on her real estate listings outside the property, an interested buyer joined the club for more information. They scheduled a showing and bought the house!

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Convenience Store Sees Increased Sales Using Social Media Marketing and Text Marketing

A new convenience store needed to let the community know they were open for business and start driving revenue. They had zero online presence.

DMI developed a marketing strategy that included a new website, text marketing, online listing management and social media. The social media program promoted their new website and text marketing club as well as the many different fresh food items, a 29° Beer Cave, and other features the convenience store offers.

In their opening month, they received 143 page likes, reached 2,600 people, and saw 150 post engagements on Facebook all organically. These numbers grew steadily in the subsequent months and exploded once we integrated a digital advertising strategy to help promote a contest and ribbon cutting ceremony for the convenience store. The convenience store only spent $180.00 in Facebook ad dollars and reached 92,600 people, saw 1,200 post engagements, and received 108,952 impressions along with huge jumps in their text club membership and people coming into the store to redeem special text club offers.

DMI’s organic social media strategy stirred up local excitement about the convenience store and adding the digital advertising strategy helped the store greatly increase their customer visits. The integration of social media with their text club allowed the business to see even greater success.

Electrician’s Toxic Online Presence Saved with SEO Strategy

An electrician using a disreputable marketing company that was not up-to-date on current SEO best practices approached DMI for assistance. His current provider was using black hat SEO techniques that resulted in the electrician’s website and online presence being pushed to the brink of being backlisted by Google. His business did not rank for any relevant keywords, there was an artificial link network built with his business name, and hundreds of toxic backlinks to his website.

DMI created a comprehensive SEO strategy to not only eliminate the artificial link network with redirects and remove toxic backlinks, but we also implemented an SEO strategy with current best practices to optimize his website and content. Today, the electrician has one website for his brand that Google recognizes as authoritative, zero toxic backlinks, and is ranking on the first page of Google for his major keywords!

HVAC Company Uses Search, Mobile, and Print Marketing

A local Kansas City HVAC company wanted to build brand reputation and drive leads in the market to meet annual revenue goals. DMI developed an integrated strategy using search, mobile, and print marketing to achieve revenue goals while staying with the HVAC company’s marketing budget. Our strategy was to target past customers for recurring revenue while also delivering new customers to the business. This strategy included:

  • Developing new creative and content for our client’s print outreach program as well as targeting an audience that would produce highly qualified leads.
  • Implementing an SMS program to build a relationship with the client’s current customer base to yield recurring revenue.
  • Creating an SEO strategy, producing a plan based on extensive research to generate new customers.

The results were outstanding! The SEO strategy resulted in achieving 83 top 10 positions on Google, 70 1st place positions on Google Local, for the priority keywords targeted. The SMS program was widely successful, building an extensive list of opt-in customers and the client reported their phone did not stop ringing during the print campaign.