Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing is an incredible way to showcase your business and reach your customer base directly. With over 75% of all internet users using social media and with 65% of those users being adults, ignoring a presence on social media means you are missing an opportunity to reach a huge audience base.

Social Media Marketing is more than just posting on Twitter and Facebook. It requires a working relationship with a business to communicate on editorial calendar planning and content opportunities. Our team crafts an editorial calendar and specific strategy for social media to reach your customer base both directly and indirectly. We then plan and write out content beforehand to schedule for posting on social media. We combine pre-scheduled content with daily engagement on all platforms as part of your engagement strategy.

The biggest benefit of Social Media Marketing is the ability of the platform to integrate with the rest of your marketing strategy. Social can act as a support system and sometimes a guide for the rest of your digital and traditional marketing strategies. For example, social media marketing can be used to promote:

  • Improving Search Rank with SEO
  • Event Marketing
  • Sale Promotion and Special Offers
  • Customer Service and Review Management
  • Sharing Other Forms of Content Marketing (ie: blogs, flyers, brochures, etc)
  • Spreading News Features on Your Business
  • Establishing Community Involvement
  • Promoting Other Marketing Efforts (ie: text clubs, websites, mobile apps, store openings, etc)

Social Media can be used for all the other pieces of your marketing strategy, contributing to the overall goal of brand awareness and building relationships with your customer base. Social media is all about authenticity and representing who your business really is to create a personal connection with your customer base.

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