Social Media Engagement Tactics that Will Boost Shares and Conversions

When it comes to social media marketing, engagement is what turns traditional media into social media. Social media engagement can consist of a variety of actions, but in general, it means how people interact with your content. Social media engagement includes metrics including:

  • Likes/Favorites
  • Comments and Replies
  • Mentions
  • Direct Messages (DMs)
  • Shares or Retweets
  • Clicks
  • Saves

Why is social media engagement so important? Because social media accounts that get more engagement reach more people. Engagement is the key to increasing your social media traffic and achieving your business goals. Plus, engagement is a 2-way street, giving you the opportunity to respond and connect with your followers. These social conversations will help build a community of fans for your brand—and doesn’t every business want that?

Essential Social Media Engagement Tactics You Can Plan in Advance

Social media is a great way to connect in the moment and report business news or respond to current events. But the majority of your social media marketing tactics can be planned ahead of time. Most social media platforms offer scheduling options, or you can use a third-party content management tool to handle scheduling across multiple platforms. As you are working on your social media marketing plan, there are some important things to understand.

Quality Over Quantity

The best social media marketing strategies focus on quality. You aren’t required to post every day; it can even hurt your reach if you post too often! Thoughtful, well-crafted posts are always what works best. The best social media management tools or the insights in your social media management platform can help you determine what type of posts get the most engagement. Figure out what types of posts result in comments, likes and shares from your audience and then do more of that! Think about what your audience might want to know or how you can help them. If there’s something you’re talking about, it’s likely your fans will want to discuss it too.

Engage with Your Followers

Another key to social media engagement is to remember that it’s meant to be SOCIAL. Don’t just post something and then move on. Keep an eye on your social media traffic and make sure you engage with your followers and fans. If your customers see that you’re responding to their comments, they’re likely to comment more often.

Share Other People’s Content

Everything you post doesn’t have to be original. Sharing relevant content from other people (also called content curation) is a great way to drive traffic to your page and provide value to your followers. For example, an interior decorator could share articles from HGTV or other design authorities. Find industry-expert websites that are useful to your followers and use your social media management platform to schedule regular posts with links to their blogs.

Using Influencers to Share Content

We’ve all heard about the importance of social media influencers and the big price tags associated with some of them. But you don’t need to have a huge budget to use influencer marketing for your business. Hiring a celebrity isn’t required; there are plenty of small micro-influencers out there. Find someone relevant to your brand with a reputation for knowledge and a good social media following. You might need to pay them a modest amount, but sometimes it’s also possible to trade products or promotion. An added benefit is that these smaller social media influencers are often seen as a more credible and trustworthy recommendation for your brand.

Make Your Posts Visual

For most platforms, text-only posts are the least likely to generate good social media engagement. To reach the most people, your posts need to be visual, with an eye-catching graphic or a short video. You don’t have to be a professional graphic designer or videographer. There are plenty of programs and apps that can help you create visual content. The importance of visual content applies to both regular and paid posts like those used in Instagram or Facebook ad marketing. Posts that include images or video will always result in greater social media engagement.

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