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At Digital Marketing Inc., we have created an amazing team of designers and processes to build small business websites that embody your unique brand and values while bringing results by way of traffic to your new site. We create websites for small businesses that build your online presence with engaging and effective content through our small business website design services.

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Promoting Your Services Online

Now, more than ever, your website functions as your virtual business card, and increasingly, it sometimes serves as your front desk and sales room, offering a first impression of your small business to the world. Most consumers rely on online search to find local businesses and services. A well-designed business website makes it easy for potential customers to discover and connect with you and establish your mission and brand.

Every Step of The Way - From Consultation to Website Creation

Digital Marketing Inc. is the preferred company to create websites for small businesses. From the initial consultation to the final website creation, our goal is to understand the objectives and vision you have and bring it to reality. Throughout the process, we are receptive to your feedback and are ready to make minor adjustments to guarantee your utmost satisfaction.

Websites Built for Your Specific Niche

Every industry has unique qualities that must be considered while establishing a brand that helps you stand out among your competitors in the same field. That's why we specialize in creating websites tailored to your specific niche. While we have created websites for small businesses across many industries, we have also focused on crafting websites for various specific industries that resonate with your target audience while showcasing unique brands. Explore our industry-specific small business website design services below:


Our real estate websites are designed to highlight property listings, provide essential information to prospective buyers and sellers, and create a lasting impression on your audience. We create websites that can target specific price brackets or markets with targeted information to engage seekers.

Learn More About Realtor Websites


Jewelry Stores

For jewelry stores, we create visually stunning websites that showcase your unique pieces, engage potential customers, and provide a seamless shopping experience.

Learn More About Jewelry Store Websites


Law Firms

Our law firm websites convey professionalism, expertise, and trustworthiness to potential clients seeking legal services, whether your focus is on family law, traffic or driving violations or any other specialty.

Learn More About Law Firm Websites



Marketing for restaurants is ever-changing, requiring not only quick and successful promotion of seasonal or specialty limited-time items, they also rely on enticing visuals and easy-to-access menus. We design websites that not only reflect your restaurant's ambiance but also make it simple for new and returning patrons to explore your menu.

Learn More About Restaurant Websites


Auto Dealers

Auto dealership websites need to provide information on their vehicle inventory cleanly to potential buyers and offer smooth communication between them and sales staff. We specialize in creating dynamic websites that drive sales.

Learn More About Auto Dealer Websites


Personal Trainers

Personal trainers require websites that motivate and inform clients. Our designs showcase expertise, testimonials, and fitness programs to attract enthusiasts.

Learn More About Personal Trainer Websites


Pest Control Companies

Websites for pest control companies prioritize education on pest management and prompt contact. Our designs drive leads to your site while instilling a sense of trust in potential customers by presenting clear information on the risks of unwanted pests and how your technicians can help avoid further problems.

Learn More About Pest Control Company Websites



Photographers need websites that display their portfolios, showcasing their adaptability in bringing the customer's vision to life, and making a compelling case for potential clients to choose their services.

Learn More About Photographer Websites

Plastic Surgeons

Plastic surgeons want their website to not only convey their professionalism during their consultation but also their deft skill in using before and after pictures to instill confidence in their potential patients.

Learn More About Plastic Surgeon Websites


For veterinary practices, we create websites that emphasize compassion, expertise, and the well-being of pets, helping you connect with pet owners needing your services.

Learn More About Veterinary Practice Websites

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