Increase Sales and Customer Retention with Digital Marketing Inc.’s Digital Fulfillment Services

Digital Marketing Inc. brings a diverse background and unparalleled experience to assist in driving sales for our resellers and publishers. We’ve been in the advertising and marketing industry since 1998, so we’ve grown and transitioned to include online marketing products and services as the industry has evolved over the years. We’ve experienced the transition to digital firsthand and understand what it takes to evolve your business and stay current on the ever-changing tactics and strategies necessary to be successful in online marketing. We follow up on your behalf with your customers to deliver the online products and services your sales team has sold ensuring the best customer experience and results possible with a white label process and solution to assist you in protecting your current revenue, increasing customer retention and creating an entirely new revenue stream.

What sets us apart? We have a strong background of 30 plus years in local and national sales in the directory business. We understand and speak the language of your core business and customers. We know what works, and what doesn’t work with your customers. We know how to capitalize on your strengths as a directory publisher in a supportive role for your sales team and in delivering online solutions to your customers from fulfillment and onboarding to support.

With our knowledge and expertise, we provide turnkey digital marketing solutions:

Sales Training: We’ll work directly with your sales representatives to guide them and get them started on the path toward digital sales success. We’ll train them on all of the latest and greatest digital products and services on the market today, and provide proven techniques to boost sales.

Sales Support: We are here to provide additional support and insight when your sales representatives are out in the field. Have a question about what to recommend a potential client? No problem! The DMI team of digital experts will help by providing insight to help overcome objections and close the sale. DMI will also provide sales collateral including a branded customized digital marketing brochure, and sales presentation to start your sales representatives out on the right foot.

Customer Service: Not only do we provide fulfillment for the services your sales representatives sell, but we will work directly with your local customers to ensure they are happy with the products throughout the entire process on your behalf. Our goal at DMI is to provide outstanding results to your local customers, to help you renew your customers each year with analytics and continue to grow your digital sales locally!

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