The Secret Sauce to Successful Facebook Advertising: Reach, Frequency, and Hyperlocal Geo-Targeting

How to Effectively Manage Facebook Advertising

First; let’s start with the basics.

What is reach?

Facebook reach is the number of unique users who saw your content or ad. Reach affects all trackable metrics on Facebook and can be divided into three types; organic, paid, and viral.

Paid reach is generated through different forms of Facebook advertising. When creating Facebook ads, if reach is the objective, Facebook essentially takes your budget and pushes it out to reach the most users possible at the lowest possible price per user. Facebook ads have transformed the way that businesses are marketing.

Organic reach is the exact opposite of paid reach – unpaid. Organic reach is the number of users who saw your content without paid distribution. While organic reach is the goal, paid reach will slowly help increase the organic side.

Viral reach is the number of unique users who saw your post or page from another story published by a friend. Think of viral reach as the domino effect or grapevine of paid and organic reach.

In 2017, Facebook generated $40B in revenue from paid advertising, making paid ads more and more important for businesses to be seen online.

As more and more money flows into Facebook advertising, a strategic plan to ensure the success of said paid advertising also becomes essential, bringing us to our next ingredient for the secret sauce of driving sales: Frequency.

What is frequency?

Frequency is the number of times that each unique user reached saw your ad. How many times do you need to see an ad before you finally decide to convert? In the marketing world, seven is the golden number.

“The Rule of Seven” is an idea that consumers need to see your marketing message at least seven times before taking action.

So how do we ensure our audience will see the ad seven times?

Is guaranteed frequency even possible through Facebook? Yes.

Win With Social is a Facebook advertising tool powered by DMI that guarantees a minimum reach AND frequency each month, depending on your advertising budget. This tool has been developed to guarantee a frequency of 6 times per month, no matter what your advertising budget is. Reach is guaranteed based on your specific budget, while a frequency of six is guaranteed no matter what.

While traditional Facebook advertising through the business manager shows potential reach, it does not offer a guaranteed reach at this time.

Reach and Frequency are the driving factors that close the sale, making it crucial that they work together.

A recent whitepaper from Facebook confirms that this frequency model yields the highest effectiveness for generating ad recall and purchase intent. Higher frequencies are required to impact greater behavioral change.

Reach + Frequency = Hyperlocal Geo-Targeting

The way that reach and frequency work together is not just to show the same ad to the same user over and over again. The next secret ingredient is hyperlocal geo-targeting. Optimizing reach so that the RIGHT audience is seeing each ad is equally, if not more, important than frequency.

Win With Social optimizes the reach so specifically that the guaranteed users seeing your ad are also the users that want your service or product.

For example, a small boutique has a niche target market. The target audience for a boutique would most likely be females, ranging from their 20’s-60’s, with an interest in fashion. Let’s also say that because this boutique is local to Kansas City and does not currently sell online, we also want to target only those living within a 25 mile radius of the store. This method can be described as hyperlocal geo-targeting.

Only 5% of SMB’s with a business page on Facebook are active Facebook advertisers, leaving endless opportunity for business owners to take advantage of the other 95%.

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