Mobile Marketing

Mobile is no longer the future, it is here! DMI has been practicing this thought process since Digital Marketing Inc. started in 2011, long before anyone else was preaching mobile importance. This is why DMI is ahead of most digital agencies and is an expert in designing mobile marketing strategies.

We offer a full suite of Mobile Marketing services including:

Mobile Marketing is the perfect solution to reach your customers in a highly personal and effective way. Everyone has their phones with them at all times and the average person checks their phone 150 times per day! Using mobile marketing means your messages sent directly to your customers will be opened and read more often than any other marketing avenue. There is a multitude of strategies used to reach your customers via mobile including a simple text sent to their phone, an exclusive mobile coupon, a reminder and confirmation request about their upcoming appointment, or even a happy birthday offer to say thanks for being a loyal customer! The opportunities are endless and the ROI is extreme.

Outside of direct Mobile Marketing, mobile optimization of your business presence online is extremely important to reach more customers and have your content seen more often. In April of 2015, Google released an SEO update that is fondly remembered as Mobilegeddon because of the huge impact it had on businesses worldwide. With this update, Google announced that if your website was not mobile responsive, it would be on its way to the black hole of search results, never to be seen again.

DMI does more than just make your website mobile responsive. We take all your advertising efforts and get the extra mile out of them by finding unique and innovative ways to cater to customers that are browsing on their phones. Our team uses advanced strategies to reach into the pocket of your customers and make an impact with your brand name.

So what are you waiting for? See what Mobile Marketing can do for your business by contacting us today!