Happy First Day of Fall! Get Our Autumn Marketing Ideas

The first day of fall has arrived and people are already full swing into celebrating all things autumn. From pumpkin spice everything to pulling out their jeans and boots for fall weather, fall fever has hit. This is the perfect time to start using the fall festivities to promote your business offerings. No matter what industry you are involved in, here are some autumn marketing ideas to promote your products or services.

autumn marketing ideas

Start with Holidays

There are many fun holidays in autumn that you can take advantage of to promote your business. Halloween and Thanksgiving are the big holidays that stand out, but there are also many smaller holidays that you can use to get excitement for your business. Create special offers around these holidays and use imagery and wording that reflect the excitement for the upcoming holiday. You can even make up your own holidays that are related to autumn imagery and create special offers for your fake holiday.

Go Local with Autumn Marketing Ideas

There are so many local fall events that are going on in your community from September through November. Take advantage of these events to get some extra branding! Ask local fall festivals if they are accepting advertisers or sponsors to get your name out to thousands of people locally. You can also buy a booth at these festivals if you have a product or service that would do well selling out of a tent. You can also capitalize on other fall activities like football. Offer to be a sponsor for a local young sports team or buy advertising at high school football games.

Run a Fall Social Advertising Campaign

There is a lot of love for fall happening on social media platforms, which makes now the perfect time to run a social media advertising campaign full of autumn imagery! Whatever special offer you want to promote, make sure you twist the promotion to fit the theme of autumn and use plenty of fall leaves, pumpkins, and other fall images in your media.

Make Online Ads Autumn-Themed

Similar to social advertising campaigns, try out changing any online display or AdWords campaigns with a fall-centric promotion. You can analyze to see if you get more clicks and attention by making your campaigns relevant to something that people are very excited about at the present time. If you see good results, you can mimic this strategy for other holiday seasons or relevant events that come up in the future.

Get a Head Start on the Holiday Season

The sooner you start planning your holiday promotion, the better! Not only should you have an idea on what you want to do for holiday promotion, but you should use this time before the busy season for strategy and analysis. When winter comes, you will be too busy to try to plan for the next year based on your results from the previous year. Fall is the perfect time to analyze how well you did, what marketing efforts worked, and what you would like to try next year.

If you are a service-oriented business that does not see many sales in the winter, try to hit all of these autumn marketing ideas with gusto! You will be able to analyze the results of the past year during your winter slow season and make adjustments for next year’s marketing, but until then try to spend all of your time capitalizing on the last active season for your business before the new year.