Google Ads Services

Google Ads Services

Change the Game for Your Business with Professional Google Ads Services from Digital Marketing Inc.

Business owners often ask us “What can you do to get my phone ringing?”

Our answer, “Google Ads.”

Taking advantage of Google Ads is the quickest way to get your website at the top of the search engine results page (SERP). Period

What is Google Ads?

Simply put, Google Ads, also known as Pay Per Click/PPC, Search Engine Marketing/SEM, or paid search, is a product offered by Google that allows businesses to pay for visibility in search results.

If you’ve done a search online recently, chances are you’ve seen Google Ads in action. The listings at the top of the Search Engine Results Page (SERP) that have a black [AD] next to them are the paid listings:

Google Ads is a fantastic resource for businesses to take advantage of, but far too often we talk to business owners who say they’ve tried to manage their own ads and failed. Or they “Have a guy that’s managing it for them” and they aren’t seeing results.

The cutthroat competition between businesses has placed a greater emphasis on getting the best keywords to rank higher on search engines. Google Ads enables businesses to search and rank for high-value keywords as a part of their PPC campaigns. Digital Marketing Inc offers outstanding Google Ads management services to businesses, handling their campaign from creation to management to optimization.

The Best Google Ads Agency

Our expertise in Google Ads ensures that we can transform your campaigns successfully, since we handle the management of your Google Ads account to target high ranking keywords. We focus on selecting the best keywords that allow us to create cost-effective campaigns and target the right audience. We use state-of-the-art tools to develop highly effective paid search campaigns that will help you maximize your sales revenue.

We are regarded as one of the best Google Ads campaign management services in the industry, which is a testament to our superior services. We work with our clients to ensure they get value for their investment with our cutting-edge search engine optimization techniques. What makes us better than the rest is our commitment to our process, which results in great returns on investment.

Here is what you can expect from us with our Google Ads service:

  • Keyword Research Expertise
    Keyword research is essential for any effective Google Ads campaign, and we are experts at finding the right keywords to use in your campaign to get the maximum results. Our Google Ads Specialists will conduct a thorough competitor analysis to determine what keywords your competitors are targeting and then find better ones to give you an edge.
  • Campaign Creation And Page Development
    We won’t just help set up an Ads campaign, but will also configure settings, and create ad copy that attract and convert. This way, we can modify and create a campaign that delivers high conversion rates to our clients. We have an in-house design and development team which can help you execute the right strategy and optimize landing pages, so that you can convert more traffic.
  • Detailed Reports And Analysis
    We will also provide you with monthly reports and analysis, highlighting the important factors in your campaign to give you greater visibility and understanding of your advertising campaign. This will include campaign metrics and the performance of our strategy, as well as any new strategy we are testing on your behalf.
  • Access to Your Google Ads Specialist
    One of the most important aspects of working with DMI is the access you have to your account specialist. We are located in the Kansas City, MO, area and our Google Ads Specialists are in-house and available to answer any questions you may have regarding your campaign during our business hours.

Our Google Ads Management Makes a Difference

We are regarded as one of the best Google Ads agencies in the industry, because we keep our approach simple and utilize best practices as well as tried and true methods. It is essential that you remember patience is key when you want to improve your sales by using search engine advertising. We can launch your campaign in as little as two weeks, helping you drive more traffic to your website and generate leads with our keyword research and analysis, but it will also take time to optimize the campaign to produce optimal results.

If you’re wondering what makes us so special and how we can change the game for your business with our Google Ads management expertise, look at the difference we can make:

Google Ads

1. Fast Project Payback
You won’t need to worry about returns on your investment, because our Google Ads projects start paying back the investment in just a month.

2. Higher Returns
The Google Ad campaigns we manage receive higher returns on our customer’s investments due to our experienced team and expansive knowledge on the most effective optimizations to generate leads. Our commitment to excellence ensures that all campaigns that we build are developed with your business goals in mind.

3. More Traffic
We can help build, manage, and tune any campaign to help drive traffic more consistently and at lower costs to your website.

4. Better Traffic
The quality of the traffic to your website is also important, and with our team driving your Google Ads campaign, you can expect high quality, ready to buy traffic on your website.

5. Lower Costs
We specialize in eliminating wasteful spending on Ads campaigns, which helps reduce cost levels for the management of the campaign and delivering higher ROAS.

Our Google Ads Campaign Management Process

To ensure the success of any Google Ads campaign that we manage, we have a process in place. This ensures that all Google Ads management services are delivered with the highest quality possible. Here is what our Google Ads campaign management process looks like:

1. Initial Analysis & Implementation
If you have a current campaign, we will conduct a thorough audit of your Ads campaign to find data that helps us devise and implement a winning strategy. We will then integrate that data into our strategy, so that we can implement a new strategy based on your previous data and learnings from our successful campaigns.

For first time campaigns, we develop a thorough keyword list based on your priority services and goals. The keywords will include geo targeted keywords and those that indicate higher buyer intent to ensure your campaign will be successful.

2. ROAS Analysis & Conversion Tracking
We will create detailed reports, which help identify the right keywords to target for generating leads and sales. We will track the results, so that we can identify the keywords that are producing the best results.

3. Search Network Advertising
We will track the engagement and progress of the advertising campaigns on search networks, and then optimize the ads, so that they can drive more traffic and engage audiences better.

4. Ad Testing & Variation
We will run and test multiple ads and then run A/B tests on them to determine which ads are providing the best conversion and click-through rates.

5. Monthly Maintenance
We will handle all aspects of your Google Ads management and ensure that your investment is in great hands. We will review the campaign every month to measure our performance and find ways to improve the campaign.

If you want to learn more about our Google Ads service, get in touch with us at Digital Marketing Inc today.