Brand Management

Brand Management involves developing, managing, and monitoring your business presence, accuracy, and perception online. You may wonder why this is important to your business, that’s easy, because of how your customers are searching for and finding your business online. Brand Management breaks down into three main services – Online Listings Management, Reputation Management, and Online Display Advertising.

Online Listings Management

It is incredibly important that your business information is accurate across all online listing sites, such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, Yelp, etc. Having accurate business information has multiple important benefits. First, if a customer searches for your business online to find your phone number, address, website, or hours of operation, that information must be correct so they can find, contact and make a purchase from you. Second, Google scans your business listings to see if your information is accurate. If it is not, then your local search engine rank position (SERP) will go down which hurts your placement in search results.

DMI gathers all relevant information about your business that online listings sites are looking for and pushes this correct information to the four largest data providers. This means your business information is listed or corrected on over 200 sites. No matter where customers find you, they will be getting accurate information!

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Reputation Management

Online reviews are very important to how your brand is perceived online. Since 88% of consumers find online reviews as trustworthy as personal recommendations, you want your online listing sites to have lots of positive reviews that showcase how great your business is. It is important to outline a strategy that answers negative reviews quickly with a solution to control your business reputation and solicit new reviews from customers on major platforms. The more positive reviews you have, the more your SERPs will improve as well!

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Online Display Advertising

Build your local brand identity by creating trust and top of mind awareness. Start an online display campaign and target your future customers by interest and location to continually show and promote your business to them, so when they are ready to buy your name is at the top of their mind.

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