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Transform your BigCommerce Store with BigCommerce SEO Services from Digital Marketing Inc.

The preferred choice of thousands of eCommerce stores all over the world, BigCommerce is a popular web platform, which acts as an eCommerce store builder. It is the preferred web platform for business owners running online stores in more than 150 countries, and since it was established in 2009, it has processed nearly 10 billion transactions! Those are staggering numbers and go to show the immense popularity, along with dependability on BigCommerce as a web platform for online businesses. There are lots of tools offered by the platform in its subscription package, which include product reviews, social sharing, secure payment gateway integration, product variations, store statistic reporting, returns processing, shipping and tax configurations, coupon/promotion campaign creation, and email newsletter tools.

However, not everyone is able to optimize their BigCommerce store, which is where Digital Marketing Inc can help. We provide professional BigCommerce SEO services to businesses to ensure that they get the most out of their online store.

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SEO Experts

We are the BigCommerce SEO Experts!

Here at Digital Marketing Inc, we are the BigCommerce SEO experts and the industry leaders in eCommerce SEO and digital marketing services. We know the value of a platform like BigCommerce, and how important it is for business owners to get the marketing and SEO right for it. When leveraged the best way, this platform offers merchants a chance to change the game and establish themselves as a leading player in the eCommerce industry.

However, there are challenges that you must overcome with any hosted platform, and BigCommerce is no different. This is where our BigCommerce SEO services come to the rescue since we have the skills to transform your BigCommerce store and help it achieve great results in the market.

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SEO Optimization

Specialists in BigCommerce SEO Optimization

Digital Marketing Inc. considers itself a leading BigCommerce development company in the industry, and we can easily help lay the foundations of success for your eCommerce store. Our BigCommerce SEO services are designed to improve overall performance and organic visibility of your store, while enhancing content optimization, backlink profiles, and user experience.

We create specific and trackable goals by delivering periodic reports that outline our strategy and approach towards BigCommerce SEO. We know that every client is unique and has its own specific market, which is why our services also need to be customized based on the obstacles, weaknesses, and strengths of the business. We have experienced SEO experts, who are skilled at developing lasting professional relationships with business owners, so that they can implement the best SEO practices for their success.

BigCommerce store design

From BigCommerce store design to all forms of BigCommerce SEO, we can handle it all, since we are specialists in BigCommerce SEO optimization. Here is what we can do for you:

Augmenting User Experience for SEO

Search engine algorithms are ever changing and becoming more complicated. What’s more, the user experience is playing a bigger role in rankings. To get ranked at the top of SERPs, you need to deliver an exceptional user experience on your BigCommerce store, and that is exactly what we help you do. We conduct a thorough audit of your store, and look at factors, such as ease of navigation, organic visibility, and the layout and design of your store

Placing a Solid SEO Foundation

Apart from user experience, our BigCommerce SEO is designed to help provide you with a solid website structure, which means detailed meta content and concise and clean coding. It is these core SEO principles which we implement to ensure that we help lay a solid SEO foundation for your BigCommerce store.

Complete Content Marketing Strategy

To get organic rankings, you must create engaging and unique content, which includes any informative resources, blog posts, buying guides, on-page category content, and product description on your website. If your content marketing strategy is lacking, your rankings will drop on search engines. We can help solve this problem by creating a complete content marketing strategy that can be easily implemented in our BigCommerce SEO services.

Creating Healthy Link Profiles

The content on your BigCommerce store is also valuable since it will help determine how search engines rank your website. We use various tools in our BigCommerce SEO services to remove unhealthy backlinks and evaluate your complete link profile. This is done to improve the authority of your website, which, in turn, results in better rankings on SERPs.

Development Services

Professional BigCommerce Development Services

As an online business owner, you need to implement the right strategy to take advantage of the BigCommerce platform, and Digital Marketing Inc. offers you just that. We are the partners you need to help beat your competition and improve your online presence in your market. We not only can help you create a great BigCommerce store but can also help you take it to the next level with our professional BigCommerce SEO services.

We can easily create a strategy to user experience and implement all the right tricks to ensure digital marketing success. We have helped countless online businesses reach their potential with BigCommerce SEO, and our team has the experience, expertise, and tools to transform your online store. Our team will help you get on the right track, so that your business can take full advantage of the BigCommerce platform. We are specialists in BigCommerce SEO and our services can guarantee you success, by ensuring that your BigCommerce store gets more visibility online, attracts higher traffic numbers, generates more sales, and enjoys higher revenue numbers.

If you want to learn more about our exceptional BigCommerce SEO services, get in touch with Digital Marketing Inc. today.