9 Reasons to Hire an Agency for your Social Media Marketing

Hire an agency for social media marketing

With over one billion people active on Facebook and over 100 million active on Instagram, social media marketing is more important than ever. With the potential to have access to so many consumers, why wouldn’t you utilize these fast-growing channels? Read on to learn 9 reasons why you could benefit from the expertise of an agency and why you should hire one for your social media marketing.

1. Social Media Marketers wear many hats.

Not only are Social Media Marketers content creators but they also analyze, provide expertise and craft engagement. They aren’t just writers but also community moderators. Knowing how to write engaging content to fit a specific strategy, create a graphic to match and then be able to analyze it and use the data for the future combines several unique skills into one job. Just about anyone can get on Facebook and make a post but it takes a specific skill set to make that post matter for your brand.

2. Having a digital bodyguard is important.

Your social media accounts are an asset to your company and with any asset, it’s important to protect it. It’s necessary to have someone who can listen and talk to your audiences every day. Social media marketers understand your consumers and how the current state of world is affecting them. Having someone who understands these things ensures that your content will not come across as tone deaf or insensitive in any situation. By hiring an agency to manage your social media accounts, you can be sure you’re placing your accounts in trustworthy and knowledgeable hands.

3. Your community communication source.

Many people look to social media for community news and updates. By providing important insight and updates to your local community, you are positioning yourself to be a source that people can rely on and trust. After all, who doesn’t want to be the go-to when it comes to important topics in the community?

4. Right brained AND left brained.

Social Media Marketers don’t just create content, they analyze it too. Analyzing and measuring reach, impressions, traffic, clicks and engagement is an important piece to understanding your followers and what they respond best to. Not only does it help you understand your followers as mentioned, it also is essential for helping you get better results as time goes on. Understanding this data is vital to having success on social media.

5. You need to “humanize” your brand.

It’s important for your brand to be relatable to your audience and Social Media Marketers know just how to do that. Humanizing your brand helps your audience feel like they are talking to a human which creates better engagement. By creating conversations and talking with your audience, not at them, you are appearing more trustworthy & credible.

6. Staying consistent is key.

Social Media Marketers are experts when it comes to crafting the perfect strategy for your brand. They’re not just planning content; they’re planning the perfect content to match the strategy they come up with for your specific brand. In order for your audience to recognize your brand, consistency among aesthetics & voice is key. Maintaining consistency allows you to grow in audience engagement and reach while also being recognizable to gain traction with your intended audience.

7. The social landscape is constantly changing.

Social media channels are always updating their algorithms and it’s not always easy to know when and how they’re changing. The great thing about having an agency in charge of your social media is that it is literally their job to know about these changes. Being in the know and up to date with constant algorithm changes ensures that your content is still reaching the intended audience.

8. Protect your reputation.

Are you seeing every review, comment and message that comes through to your page? This is one of the most important things to stay on top of. When a negative review comes through you want to be sure you’re seeing it ASAP and responding if needed. When a consumer asks your brand a question, you want to be sure you’re able to respond right away. By having someone skilled in watching for these alerts and responding in a timely manner helps ensure that your brand is coming off as reliable while building good customer relationships.

9. Save yourself some stress.

Social Media Marketing can be a full time job. By hiring an agency to manage all of your social media needs you are saving yourself time and effort. Bringing someone else on to manage your accounts for you can help bring in fresh and innovative ideas, so you can focus on the rest of your business goals.

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